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Lucia: The Secret of Shooting Stars

Versant Power Astronomy Center 167 Rangeley Rd, Orono

Vladimir, a polar bear, and James, a penguin, travel into space aboard the Polaris to study polar auroras.  Hit by a meteorite, they crash at the foot of a pre-Columbian pyramid and meet Lucia, a hummingbird who is passionate about rocks. She tells them about a legend evoking “stones of light”.  Meteorites, shooting stars, these […]

Event Series Habitat Earth

Habitat Earth

Versant Power Astronomy Center 167 Rangeley Rd, Orono

Living networks connect and support life forms large and small—from colonies of tiny microbes and populations of massive whales to ever-expanding human societies. Discover what it means to live in today’s connected world in Habitat Earth. Through stunning visualizations of the natural world, dive below the ocean’s surface to explore the dynamic relationships found in […]