Birthday Parties

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Celebrate your child’s birthday in a unique way here at the planetarium! Your child and their friends enjoy a planetarium program in our dome and have their party in our multi-purpose room. The planetarium also provides a gift for the birthday child and grab bags with fun celestial items for children participating. During the show the birthday child’s name is displayed in the stars! See details about birthday parties here. 

For Private birthday parties (option 2) you can select any show from our list here:  Planetarium Programs

Call the planetarium office at 207.581.1341 to schedule your child’s birthday party or fill out the form below!

Reservation Request

  • The maximum seating for one showing is 50 people.
  • The maximum seating for one showing is 50 people.
  • Select from this pull-down list of programs. For more program information, read the Show Descriptions and return to this form. --If other, please specify your needs in the COMMENTS section.
  • Please indicate your preferred DATES and TIMES

    We will make every effort to schedule your first choice. Use the Comments space below to explain schedule preferences for multiple showings. --Allow for travel both ways and approximately one hour for any program plus 30 minutes between presentations in the case of multiple presentations--
  • (e.g. Fridays in April, The week of May 6th, etc.)
  • (e.g. between 9:00am and 12:00pm)
  • Please use the space to ask questions, indicate special needs or requests, and give any additional information relating to your reservation.

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